LifeCoat DI Integral Low Mass Bolt Carrier

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LifeCoat DI Integral Low Mass Bolt Carrier

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The new LifeCoat Low Mass Bolt Carrier is 20% lighter than a standard bolt carrier. 

LifeCoatI direct impingement full auto rated bolt carriers are compatible with mil-spec and non mil-spec upper receivers and associated components. This bolt carrier is machined to meet all MIL TDP specifications and is enhanced using LifeCoat treatment providing superior:

  • Durability
  • Lubricity
  • Corrosive Resistance
  • Carbon Resistance

Our new Integral D.I. Low Mass Carrier was designed from conception to improve the service life and durability of the direct impingement carrier. The LifeCoat Integral DI Carrier eliminates the potential for carrier to key separation due to carrier key screws stripping, fracturing, or becoming un-staked. The new Integral carrier has a improved gas flow path with no obstructions or shelves for carbon to deposit and build on eliminating the potential for gas obstruction to seize the operation of your carrier. The 20% reduction in carrier weight decreases the reciprocal mass reducing felt recoil and increasing the Tune-ability for every application.


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