LifeCoat DI Integral Low Mass Bolt Carrier Group

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LifeCoat DI Integral Low Mass Bolt Carrier Group

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Leaves Nic Bor in the rearview
Just when I became comfortable with my nickel boron DI guns being easy to clean, (not as easy as my AA piston rifles of course) VDI and AA team up to blow all others out of the water AGAIN! I chose to shoot the nasties, polymer, steel and corrosive ammo I could to check out the lubricity and ability to minimize carbon build up (keep in mind I already KNOW that ADAMS eats all of the best ammo and stands ready after the break in process I use), and I found that after 500 rounds, I LITERALLY could basically WIPE this thing clean with little effort! IF you are on the fence about nickel boron or a higher end BCG, that you want to be able to accept the harshest environments, with less elemental disruptions...YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR CHOICE AND LOOK NO FURTHER!
I am a 38 year AR platform veteran, a 20 year service member, competition and free shooter and overall gun fanatic. I have built or assembled over 300 rifles alone in this platform and NEVER have I been THIS IMPRESSED with a product that looks out for the owner and allows you to minimize your concerns in relation to its claimed performance! Speed, accuracy and durability gets a discernable increase IN MY RANGE AND SHOOTING TIME! Very happy overall and in testing and handling most new, fad or supposed products, THIS ONE MAKES THE DIFFERENCES THAT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY ADAMS ARMS AND VDI are here! Review by Steven / (Posted on 12/28/2014)
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