P Series Adjustable Micro Gas Block

Product Code: FGAA-10335

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P Series Adjustable Micro Gas Block


The P Series Adjustable Micro Gas Block is our low-profile gas block designed to fit under most rails. This gas block is compatible with all other Adams Arms components including drive rod, spring & bushing, and bolt carrier. You can now purchase this block solo to upgrade your existing Adams Arms kit, rifle, or upper. This gas block is installed using set screws and fits barrels that are .750" in diameter at the gas seat.

The P Series Micro Gas Block

  • Weighs over 30% less than the XLP Gas Block
  • Adjustable (5 settings - 100%/74%/53%/32%/11%)
  • Protected by LifeCoat
  • Covered by our Lifetime Warranty


This block can replace your existing block and gas plug. 

Weight: 3.89 oz

Compatible with the Adams Arms piston system only.

Micro Adjustable Gas Blocks should have the set screws torqued to 55-60 in-lbs

*Not compatible with 300 Blackout