Low Mass One-Piece Bolt Carrier Group - NiB

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Low Mass One-Piece Bolt Carrier Group - NiB


Our one piece bolt carrier, designed for use with our proprietary piston system.

Due to popular customer demand, we are offering a limited quantity of our one-piece carrier treated with a Nickel Boron (NiB) coating process. NiB is a slick and metallic coating with self-lubricating properties that increases the service life of wear items. 

This NiB bolt carrier group comes with VDI LifeCoat parts: firing pin, cam pin, 5.56 bolt, and cotter pin.


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I shoot suppressed always and my guns get very dirty so I was looking for a faster cleaning time, I am running this in a Adams Arms 11.5" Upper as a pistol build and after my first magazine, all I could do was smile and laugh out loud. This low mass bolt carrier group reduced the recoil to almost the point of a 22, the ability to keep this on target with super fast follow ups at 100 yards is smooth and easy. I did not know that it was possible to reduce the recoil as much as this did. After two rounds of shooting say around 250 rounds per outing the cleaning is a little faster, but everything about this product makes a steep price tag worth it, now I am wanting to find a low mass NIB complete bolt carrier group for my DI gun. Review by Bill / (Posted on 12/22/2014)
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