Carbine Length Piston Kit

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Carbine Length Piston Kit


This system will work with .223/5.56 x 45 mm NATO.

Kit includes:

  • Patented One-Piece Bolt Carrier
  • .750" Picatinny Gas Block with 3 settings (full gas for standard fire, half gas for suppressed, no gas for single shot)
  • Gas Plug
  • Upper Receiver Bushing
  • Bushing Installation Rod
  • Bolt Spring
  • Drive Rod with Bushing and Spring
  • M4 Style Modified Handguards
  • Modified Handguard Cap
  • Installation DVD

The Adams Arms Piston System:

  • A short stroke free floating piston system.
  • Is Self-Cleaning.
  • Carbon and gases are expelled forward, away from operator.
  • Corrosive resistant coating processes.
  • Harmonics are not transferred into the barrel.
  • Adjustable gas settings for various applications.
  • Doesn't vent directly to atmospheric pressure; this eliminates flash signature and super sonic crack which is optimal for night vision and suppresses fire.

This system requires a carbine gas length (7.866" from barrel extension to shoulder) and a .750" gas seat.

We recommend using a standard barrel nut or barrel nut with similar measurements for proper fit and function of the kit. Many aftermarket proprietary barrel nuts do not offer the clearance for the drive rod or proper seating of the spring and bushing.


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I build custom rifles,machine guns and suppressors for a living and these are, by a large margin, superior to any other piston set up on the market. I have abused these kits through sustained full auto fire with no issues what so ever, NONE! Other kits that customers have requested have failed, where these keep going. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a piston kit that will outlast the barrel. Review by G&B Gunworks / (Posted on 1/1/2015)
Works great on my DPMS Oracle.
I'm not a gunsmith by any stretch of the imagination. I'm actually quite hamfisted really, if I try to hold still too long it starts looking like Parkinson's and I have fat, uncoordinated fingers to boot. I was able to install this kit relatively fast (about an hour) with minimal mess. The ONLY issue I ran into was the bushing for the upper receiver. Directions said that it MAY drop in or MAY require some tapping. I had to wail the crap out of it to seat correctly (flush) in it's spot. At first I was afraid to hit it and just love tapped it. Probably drove my wife nuts with 10 minutes of *tink*tink*tink*. Then I got some fortitude and popped it pretty good, it seated after a few good hits with a plastic hammer on the dowel even with the generous application of CLP. I was afraid I didn't line up the holes correctly, but I was wrong. It was a very easy process to line it up (visually aligning the top rail of my upper and the rail of the gas block) and when I took it out for a test fire everything went off without a hitch. No FTF or FTE. I am in the process of building another AR and will be putting another Adams Arms piston kit on it as well. Review by William / (Posted on 11/20/2014)
Easy to install & increased performance of my AR
I installed this on my 5.45x39 DI AR15. Before I would have tons of blowback some cycling issues from time to time. All this is in the past after installing the conversion kit. My upper's gas tube hole was a little narrow so I had to use a little elbow grease. But it was easy with the provided dowel rod. My only recommendation is to sight up the gas block with the provided handguard & then put your preferred one on (for alignment purposes). I have no carrier tilt issues whatsoever & My rifle runs sooo much smoother now! These kits are worth more than the cost Review by Jorge / (Posted on 9/17/2014)
The best piston conversion kit.
I purchased this kit in 2010 and haven't looked back. My M&P15OR didn't lose any accuracy and now will take any brand of ammo without any problems. I haven't had a single malfunction yet. I am very happy with this piston system. Installation was a piece of cake with the included instructional video (CD), the hardest part was getting the stock gas block off of the barrel. I'm looking forward to years of hassle-free shooting. I love the fact that the BCG is cool and clean after a day of shooting and all I have to do if pop the piston out the front of the gas block and clean it. The carbon build up in this system seems to stay inside of the cup unlike other versions that bleed gas off into the front hand guard area. I love this system and would recommend it to anyone looking for a robust and reliable piston conversion kit. Review by Michael / (Posted on 9/16/2014)
why did I wait
I rebuilt my SBR and used the Adams carbine kit and am now wondering why I waited so long to do it. The ease of cleaning and the coolness is great.. YES it does get dirty, just somewhere else and not were it matters…
I plan to redo my rifle length to be exactly like my shorty and will use the Adams system ..
Big Fan here Review by mike / (Posted on 3/26/2014)
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