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3 Gun

3 Gun

3 Gun is one of the newest competitiion scenes in the shooting world and it combines challenging realistic shooting obstacle course style scenarios with your 3 most important weapons - your pistol, your rifle, and your shotgun.

Most 3 Gun competitions consist of each competitor shooting 4-5 courses and the scoring is kept by timing each competitor on each course.  Each target you miss (or fail to hit in a vital area) and each "no shoot" target that you accidentally shoot will result in a time penalty.  Effectively, the goal is to shoot the course with perfect accuracy as quickly as possible.

The things that often make the biggest performance difference in 3 Gun competitions are:

  • Ability to acquire each target quickly
  • Accuracy and speed at shooting "double taps"
  • Ability to reload your weapon rapidly and calmly
  • Ability to move quickly and safely while carrying weapons
  • The ability to stay calm and steady in spite of the massive adrenaline rush you are experiencing


A glance at that list shows how applicable the skills acquired from 3 Gun competitions are to real life emergency shooting.  This is of course one of the main reasons we (and many others) have so quickly fallen in love with 3 Gun shooting.  We all want to be good if/when it really counted and unless we train in scenarios that will develop the right shooting skills, habits, and attributes, then when that real life emergency scenario occurs we will be ill prepared and unfortunately we may be just as helpless as an unarmed individual would be.

(Info from http://www.3gunammo.com)


Adams Arms Group 3 Gun Photo


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