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Becky Yackley

Name: Becky Yackley

Hometown: Middle of Nowhere, Wisconsin

Years of Competitive Shooting: 4 yrs (3 gun and USPSA) 5 yrs (long range) 5 yrs (boring NCAA stuff) 

Member of Adams Arms Shooting Team Since: 2014

Type of Adams Arms Rifle: 14.5" Evo Ultra Lite

Greatest 3 Gun or Competitive Shooting Accomplishment:

option A : Every stage I've gone one-for-one on long range steel with my 14.5" AA rifle!

option B: 3rd Woman Trijicon World Shooting Championship...and not strangling my teenage boys when I'm at matches with them? :-)

Your Most Memorable 3 Gun Moment with Adams Arms: Shooting shotgun with Jim and everyone on the Adams Arms team at the Crazy Quail side match during the 2014 Pro Am.

Advice for New Shooters: Just go shoot, do your best, learn from your mistakes and laugh at them.

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