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Erich Leipold


Erich Leipold

Hometown: Sarsota, FL

Years of Competitive Shooting:  5 years

Member of Adams Arms Shooting Team Since: 2017

Type of Adams Arms Rifle: 14.5" or  16.5" COR (depending on match) 

Your Most Memorable 3 Gun Moment with Adams Arms: Assisting Aro & TK with full auto testing, or just hanging out in the shop watching the guys put their hearts into every Adams Arms rifle made. 

Advice for New Shooters: TALK! Ask for advice and help. If you need a piece of equipment ask someone. They will have what you need or know where to get you what you need, and we all are happy and eager to help out in anyway we can. LISTEN! If someone is giving you advice, listen to them. They probably made the mistake (you're about to) several times before and are only trying to help. Shoot YOUR game! Meaning don't try (on match day) to do what you've never practiced just because you saw someone do it and have a smoking run... chances are they've done that 10,000 times in practice. Stick with what you KNOW and what you can do safely. RESET! Always try to be the first one out resetting and the last one back. Yes, it's not always possible, but working hard is the quickest way to gain respect. HAVE FUN! Most important! Too much time and money is invested to NOT have fun. Enjoy the ride. If you see me on the range, feel free to ask me for help if you need it (as long as I'm not the shooter on deck or in the hole).

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